Residential & General Power Rates

June 2024

Residential Rate

Applies only to electric service to a single-family dwelling and its appurtenances, where the major use of electricity is for domestic purposes such as lighting, household appliances, and the personal comfort and convenience of those residing therein…


Customer Charge $23.06
Energy Charge $0.10728 cents per kWH

General Power Rate

Applies to the firm power requirements for electric service to commercial, industrial, and governmental customers; institutional customers including but not limited to, churches, clubs, and like customers, except to whom service is available under other resale rate schedules.

Outdoor Lighting

Customer Charge No Charge
Energy Charge $0.07122 cents per KWH

General (GSA Part 1  <50 kW demand)

Customer Charge #1 $26.10
Customer Charge #2 $37.55
Energy Charge (all kWh) $0.12550 cents per kWh

General (GSA Part 2. 50-1,000 kW demand)

Customer Charge $85.78
Energy Charge (1st 15,000 kWh) $0.12550 cents per kWh
Energy Charge (Additional kWh) $0.07115 cents per kWh
kW, 0-50 $0.00 per kW
kW, 50-1,000 $19.27 cents per kW

General (GSA Part 3. 1,000 or more kW demand)

Customer Charge $200.00
Energy Charge (all kWh) $0.06715 cents per kWh
kW, 0-1,000 $18.50 per kW
kW, 1,001-5,000 $20.93 per kW

Outdoor Lighting

Rockwood Electric Utility can install a private security light on your residential or commercial property under most conditions.  All new requests for outdoor lighting require the applicant to sign a minimum two year contract for security lighting service.  If you have security concerns and would like to discuss outdoor lighting options, please contact our Engineering Department to look at the situation with you.

There are some restrictions which may limit the availability of outdoor lighting. The following types and sizes of lights are currently offered and can be installed on existing poles in most circumstances:

Fixture Type Size Monthly Cost
High Pressure Sodium Light 100 Watt $9.91
High Pressure Sodium Light (Cobra Head) 250 Watt $16.65
Metal Halide Decorative Type 175 Watt $21.57
LED Lighting Fixture 60 Watt $11.80
LED Flood Light 200 Watt $24.65
LED Cobra Head 145 Watt $19.86

The cost of the outdoor light includes all power used and routine maintenance. Other fees may apply depending on the installation. Also contact us for the availability of “leased lighting” for athletic fields and other specialty lighting systems. Reporting a security or street light outage (coming soon…online reporting)

Schedule of Rules & Regulations

Our “Schedule of Rules & Regulations” can be viewed here or by contacting one of our customer service representatives. Please click the link below If you have questions about the current rates or would like additional information.