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You will find useful information on REU’s policies and specifications for new construction.


Information on REU’s mapping program.


REU uses a system mapping software that was created by the Central Service Association (CSA). This mapping process has shown itself to be very beneficial to REU. The mapping system is called UtiliTrak.


Maps are indispensable for operating utility systems efficiently. UtiliTrak provides a computer-based environment for utilities to precisely map and display their infrastructure relative to other mapped features. Automated mapping is fast becoming an essential tool in utility operations. UtiliTrak provides this and much more.

GIS Based Architecture

UtiliTrak is a geospatial utility information system developed by CSA using Smallworld GIS technology. A geographic information system (GIS) is a database management system customized to manage the data required to map the location of objects relative to the earth’s surface. UtiliTrak’s geospatial capabilities enable it to map a utility’s complete service area seamlessly. As an information system, UtiliTrak has a fully functional database management system. A GIS based system like UtiliTrak offers utilities the ability to model geospatial relationships, perform geospatial analysis based on the geospatial model, and view the relationships and analysis through a combination of maps and reports. Geospatial modeling and analysis capabilities are only available in a GIS-based system like UtiliTrak.

Note: REU now has trench inspection stickers, all underground conduit installations
must be inspected and approved by REU personnel.


The REU Builder Services Center functions as a single point of information for commercial and residential builders. The Center can help you receive informative materials on Overhead and Underground Residential Services and Specs.

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