A Rockwood Electric Utility customer may speak and offer comments during a meeting of the Electric Power Board of Rockwood (i.e., REU). To request to speak, a customer must contact REU by calling 865-717-5400 before 12:00 pm on the business day before the scheduled meeting and provide their name and service address. Only customers with an up-to-date account will be permitted to speak. The first five (5) customers to properly request to speak will be able to provide comments at the proper time during the meeting. All speakers are limited to two (2) minutes, and comments must be limited to items on the meeting agenda. Distribution of written material is at the discretion of the board chair and must be provided in advance to allow utility staff an opportunity to provide additional information based upon the speaker’s materials. The public comment period is for purposes of the public sharing their thoughts with the Board and is not for Board response.